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B-L Term of the Day: Tater

    Tater noun:  a homerun variances:  ‘long tater’   I have heard the term ‘tater’ used to describe a homerun since I was a kid but never knew the origins of the term.  Apparently, I wasn’t the only one.  … Continue reading

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Appropriate (and maybe not so) names in baseball history

I’m going in a different direction today.  Names of ballplayer that have coincided with their professions. With 96 career homeruns, deadball third baseman Frank ‘Home Run’ Baker might raise some eyebrows with his nickname among the modern crowd.  But check … Continue reading

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B-L Term of the Day: Walk-off Homerun

Walk-off Homerun noun:  A homerun that the ends the game. variances:  Walk-off hit, Walk-off error, walk-off walk I’ll say this from the get-go… it took me a while to get used to the term ‘walk-off homerun’.  I didn’t ring right … Continue reading

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